The second weekend in July, Portland was taken over by the World Domination Summit. You can count on Chris to make it world class. Almost 3,000 people from around the world were here to explore, “How to live a remarkable life in a conventional world”. With speakers like Jon Acuff, Jeremy Cowart, Megan Devine, Asha Dornfest, Vani Hari, Lewis Howes, The Kid President, Lissa Rankin, and Derek Siver, it was an event filled with inspiration, laughter, hugs, hope for better future, and even more hugs and high fives. Speakers shared their very personal stories and experiences from their journey to success. And that’s not all. World Records were made.

WDS 2015

Two Things On My Mind.

  1. A Feeling. I don’t have to tell you that this is an amazing environment. The stories and events that go on throughout the weekend, all the people and surprises, you will get the feeling that anything is possible. Almost like all the barriers and obstacles that stand in your way to success were totally self-imposed… …or are they?
  2. A Question. But maybe even more importantly, World Domination Summit you will make you think. Think really hard. You will want it too. You will want to make difference, too. You will want to help others, too. And you will ask yourself over and over again, “Who do want to become. How can I help others?“.

Does this sound familiar?

Many of us want to create something big. We want to create something that makes a difference. So we look all around us for opportunities. We think hard. Then we finally come up with an idea and that’s an amazing feeling. This is it, we think. But that feeling doesn’t last very long. Probably because it is something big, something unfamiliar, something we have never done before. We are not sure if we can make it happen. And that’s the perfect opportunity for our inner voice to show up. It starts asking questions we don’t know the answers to. How are you going to make it happen? Where will you start? Do you think you have what it takes? How are you going to sell it? Why would someone buy it from you? Isn’t everyone already doing it? And this is exactly the moment when most of us make the biggest mistake we can make. We decide to wait. Life is too busy. Obviously we need to gain more experience. Read another book. Attend a seminar. Maybe we’ll meet someone who can help us.

So what’s the alternative?

It’s actually simple. With no doubt, we need a big, lofty goal. Something that if accomplished will make a difference in other people’s lives. But there is time to think big and time to think small. It’s intimidating to look at the huge mountain you dream of conquering from the bottom. It’s so far, so high, so big… …you may even want to change your mind. But, theoretically, how do we climb even the tallest mountain of all? Yes, right! We make a step. And then another. And another. So as there is the right time to look at the top of the mountain, there is the right time to look right under our feet.

For me, the weekend at the #WDS2015 was the time of inspiration, the time to think really big. Yes, I do return to thinking big at home, but to really make a difference, today is the time to forget all fears and doubt and to look right under our feet and to make that tiny step. And tomorrow another. And another one the day after that. Yes, without knowing where it will lead us. Yes, without certainty that it will work. Just for the pleasure of doing it. As Jon Acuff, the author of Do Over asked us, “Will you face the fear of today, or the regret of forever?“. As Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby said, “Even elephants are born small.” Don’t let the size of your dream to scare you. Start today. Start with a step that doesn’t even seem to make a difference. And then make an another one tomorrow. As Lissa Rankin, the author of The Fear Cure shared, “Uncertainty is the gateway to possibility.” Maybe the only gateway?

My huge mountain – to start a vacation rental business in an area with already very saturated market and being on my own seemed impossible. But I started this business (that allowed me to quit my corporate job and to attend the #WDS2015) by offering my service to a neighbor. Some would say, a small, insignificant step, but for me it was the moment that pulled me fully in and inspired me to keep going. I’m still not sure how far I can take it, but I’m very excited about the process. And I have a new idea on how to make it bigger and better. But it’s something that scares me. Something I don’t know how to make it work nor if I have what it takes. But, for now, I decided to focus on things that I can control. On taking small consistent steps and see where the future will take us. Stop worrying about what’s not within your control. I can’t directly control where people book their vacation or who they hire to take care of their second home nor if someone will ever read this post. But can I sit down and write a post in the best possible way I can? Yes, I can. Can I put an ad on YelpGoogle or Facebook to offer our services? Yes, I can. Can I just talk to some other neighbors or friends? Yes, I can. Can I focus on providing excellent service to get recommended to others? Yes, I can. Can I study what other businesses in my niche are doing? Yes, I can. There are thousands of things you and I can do today. The question is will you?



I know that you know this, but sometimes we “forget” to put our knowledge to action. This was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended, but no matter how good it is, it has no value, unless you take the ball/idea and run with it. Don’t wait. It’s your turn. Run.

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