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It was now or never.

Unlike others, I can’t remember what I wanted to do when I was a kid. Besides that I tried everything. Quizzes, personality tests, made a list, read books, took notes of when I felt energized and attended seminars. It was all good. I mean interesting, but I had no results. I still wanted more and I still was where I didn’t want to be.

The time comes when an OK job, even with a high pay, just won’t do. A time, when you feel you have had enough. You ask yourself, “Is this all I can do?”

The answer is, “no”, but you already know that.

What do I wish I knew 20 years ago?

Passion is not found. It’s created through incredible amount of hard work. Period. No stories. Nothing else. That’s it.

Our dream is always bigger than we are.


There is no better feeling. That’s what fascinated me. That’s what gives me energy and keeps me going.

What  you do when you want more?

Bet On Yourself

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